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The RR Donnelley Collator

Postal Rates Now Expected to Change on May 31st, As USPS Re-files with Regulator

Retail companies are bringing back printed catalogs

Postmaster General Brennan's View for the Future of the Post Office

Thank you to Douglas Mason Photography

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The instructions provided below are for NEW memberships.

If you are a current member and would like to RENEW your membership, please click here for instructions.

If you have been a member in the past and would like to REACTIVATE your membership, please contact the NEMOA office for assistance.

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  • NEMOA has 2 types of corporate memberships:
    • Catalog/Etailer (Merchant)
    • Service Provider/Supplier
  • Annual Membership Dues for New Member Companies are $499
  • New members must be voted in by the NEMOA Board of Directors


1.  "Catalog/E-Tailer (Merchant)" Applicants

      Please submit:

    "Service/Supplier" Applicants:

     Please submit:

  • a completed Membership Application
  • a company profile
  • a sample of your sales brochures and/or a link to your website(s)

2.  The Board will have discretion to act on all membership applications pursuant to a process established by the Board from time to time, and in accordance with the best interests of the Association.

It is the objective of the Association to maintain a balance of at least 50% members who are Merchants. In order to achieve this goal the Board may consider placing non-Merchant applicants on a waiting list or conditioning a non-Merchant applicant’s approval upon recruitment of a Merchant member.

To be admitted as a Member, each applicant must receive a majority vote in favor from the Board and not more than two “no” votes. Each applicant must read a copy of the NEMOA Bylaws and the NEMOA Guidelines for Conduct at the time of application and sign its application form attesting that the applicant has read both and will adhere to them.

3.  Please complete  your Membership Application online. 


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