Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement award is a recognition NEMOA awards to leaders in the Etailing and Direct Marketing industry who have had a substantial impact on the industry.  The recognition requires a full vote of the NEMOA board of directors.  In receiving the award, the recipient is given the opportunity to attend future NEMOA Summits at no charge as well as receiving an award for display.  

The recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award have been:
2005 – Joan Burden Litle, Catalog Connection
2006 – Peter G. Rice, Founder, Plow & Hearth
2012 - Bob Allen - President/CEO, Vermont Country Store
2015 - Russ Gaitskill - President, Garnet Hill
2016 - Chris Bradley - President, Cuddledown
2019 - Bob Webb - VP Marketing, Potpourri Group (Deceased)
2021 - Cindy Marshall - CEO, Shine Strategy
2023 - Karen Mayhew - Former SVP of Marketing at DataAxle 
2023 - Lois Brayfield - Former Presient and CEO of J. Schmid 
2024 - Phil Wiland - Founder and Former CEO of Wiland

The Board of Directors desire that the procedures and criteria used for making this award be sound, judicious, and deliberative.  Any board member can nominate an individual. Discussion on the nominee and their qualifications to be on Fall board meeting agenda with a vote taken at same board meeting and the award presented at Annual Spring Conference.

Selection Process
1. Any NEMOA member can nominate an individual. 
2. Applications are reviewed by the board.
3. Discussion on individual’s qualifications will take place, followed by a vote. Nominee must have at (two-thirds? Unanimous?) majority
4. There will be no more than one award in a year except in special circumstances. If the board feels that none of the applicants are worthy, no award will be granted.

1. Any NEMOA member in good standing is eligible for the award except persons serving on the selection panel, which is the board of directors.
2. The individual must follow the NEMOA guidelines of conduct
3. Demonstrated support and commitment to the NEMOA organization.
4. Has worked in the Direct Marketing industry for a minimum of 25 years.
5. Has worked and/or supported efforts to advance the industry
6. The service rendered in roles mentioned above should be exemplary.
7. It is not expected that the recipient is at the “end” of her or his service to the Association or industry or their company.
8. Service to the Association that is extraordinary does not necessarily mean that it was highly visible, or noticed by large numbers of Association members..
9. The individual recommended should be held in high regard by his or her colleagues in the Association.

1. The only tangible benefit for a Life Service Award recipient is a lifetime complimentary registration to the Annual Conferences.
2. “Trophy” for the recipient presented at the Spring Conference
3. Name engraved on plaque with other recipients, which will be displayed at the Spring annual conferences


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