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Arandell remains committed to produce unparalleled catalogs, maintaining exceptional color quality and printing for the world’s leading marketers.
Offering a variety of services geared toward helping our clients further expand their growing business.  Learn more at



DATALINE is a provider of consumer marketing information through its Publishing, Catalog, and Non-Profit data cooperatives.  DATALINE also offers over 500 digital and mobile audiences, custom modeling services, email data, and consumer data append services.  For more information, please contact your DATALINE sales representative at 609-452-6014.



J.Schmid is a direct response and catalog agency dedicated to helping brands tell their story, find new (and younger) customers, and sell more things. We’ve built a highly specialized team of industry experts that help companies produce revenue-generating and brand-building direct marketing programs. From strategy, to data-driven insights, to full-service creative and analytics. Everything we do is custom fit to your needs.



J.S. Eliezer Associates, Inc.?

J.S. Eliezer Associates, Inc. along with its sister company Lindenmeyr Central provides a suite of procurement and consulting services for companies that utilize print as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy.  Our clients include leading brands in the catalog/retail, direct mail, and publishing markets.  Both companies are divisions of Central National Gottesman, a leading global forest products company.


Media Horizons Inc.

Media Horizons is an analytics-driven, response marketing agency for the media agnostic age. We provide marketing expertise to cost effectively deliver new customers and maximize Lifetime Customer Value through both digital and offline channels. Services include in-house strategic planning, media buying, creative, analytics and reporting in digital media, SEO/SEM and offline media.


Oracle Data Cloud

Oracle Data Cloud operates the BlueKai Data Management Platform and the BlueKai Marketplace, the world’s largest audience data marketplace. We offer access to $5T+ in consumer transaction data, 5B+ global IDs and 1,500+ data partners. That data is integrated with 400+ media and adtech partners.

Contact The Data Hotline:


RedPoint Global Inc.

RedPoint Global provides market-leading customer engagement and data management technology that empowers organizations to optimize customer value and deliver their brand promise with high contextual relevance across all touch points. For more information, visit



Wiland is a leading provider of intelligence-driven marketing solutions, serving thousands of the nation’s top companies and organizations. The Wiland Database houses billions of transactions from thousands of brands spanning many markets and industries, giving us unprecedented visibility into consumer spending and interests. Leveraging this data and proprietary response prediction technology, Wiland delivers highly responsive online and offline customer audiences, customer optimization, and actionable business intelligence—driving incremental sales and profit for our clients.Wiland delivers responsive marketing audiences, customer optimization and business intelligence that enable clients to increase sales and profit.